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Eyebrow Threading and Hair Removal

Henna Beauty Spot Salon & Spa - Houston

We welcome you to experience one of the most efficient and long lasting methods to maintaining perfect eyebrows. If you are a resident in the Houston area, and in search of a dependable team to provide you with the best eyebrow threading, choose Henna Beauty Spot Salon & Spa.

With our years of experience in the industry we are proud to offer residents with the fastest and most dependable facial hair removal. However, our noninvasive eyebrow threading services are not only for eyebrows!

Our team of experts can remove any stubborn and unwanted hair anywhere on your face! Whether you need hair removed from your lip line, chin or other facial area we can assist you!

Established over 8 years ago, we have developed a process that is quick and clean! Rest assured that when you choose Henna Beauty Spot Salon & Spa for you facial hair removal, we will provide you with the best experience!

At Henna Beauty Spot Salon & Spa, we use only cotton threads and a small needle to complete our process. This method is not only the most efficient, but it is also a good option for those with acne.

Doctors recommend eyebrow threading over wax because it is better for your skin! You can expect that our clean process will not clog your pores, or cause rashes like other methods such as waxing and shaving

One of the best parts about eyebrow threading is its efficiency! One of our professional beauticians can remove any type of hair, such as fine and coarse bristles from your face.

In addition, our threading is the most precise method in eyebrow shaping. When you are in search of a team with a keen eye for perfection, rest assured that Henna Beauty Spot Salon & Spa will give you the best eyebrow lines!

Speak with one of our professionals today and learn more about our top quality eyebrow threading services. We ensure to provide you with only the best facial hair removal services in the area.

Call our eyebrow threading salon today at (281) 653-7621, and learn more about the great results from our professionals associates. We ensure the best experience, outstanding customer service, and long lasting results!

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